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Chili Paneer Recipe


Chili Paneer Recipe

A flavorfully East Asian inspired take on the classic Indian paneer. Spicy, cooked in...

Shrimp Tikka Tacos w/ Raita Dip Recipe


Shrimp Tikka Tacos w/ ...

Delicious tikka marinated shrimp tacos, topped with a cool raita dip. A mouthwatering...

Shakshuka Recipe

Middle Eastern

Shakshuka Recipe

A classic North African and Middle Eastern dish that is made of poached eggs in tomat...

Balela Salad Recipe

Middle Eastern

Balela Salad Recipe

We love this Middle Eastern chickpea salad with fresh herbs and a drizzle of sumac vi...

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When exploring new cuisines, you're going to be naturally curious. Like, what is tahini? How many spices do I need to cook Indian food? What's a good substitute for coconut milk? We cover the basics!


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Your Spice Guide

Ever find yourself staring at a list of unfamiliar spices for a recipe? Been there! It can be overwhelming, so we put together a quick overview of spices commonly used in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Take a peek!


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