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Maya Kaimal

Mild Tikka Masala Sauce

12.5 oz/1.56 cups



Saffron Threads

2.0 gm/0.16 tbsp


Jansal Valley

Ground Garam Masala

2.40 oz/4.8 tbsp


Lotus Food

Organic Pad Thai Noodles

8.0 oz/0.9 cup


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Yogurt Raita with Cucumber & Mint


Yogurt Raita with Cucu...

Raita is a refreshing, classic Indian side dish, perfect for balancing the warmth of sp...

Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe


Chicken Tikka Masala R...

Chicken Tikka Masala happens to be one of the first dishes tried when exploring India...

Whole Wheat Naan Recipe


Whole Wheat Naan Recipe

Naan is a deliciously fluffy and soft Indian style flatbread that pairs perfectly with...

Butter Chicken Recipe


Butter Chicken Recipe

Butter Chicken is one of the most popular and familiar Indian dishes. This creamy chic...

Just a Few Pinches, Please

Explore our selection of small portion spices, aka. Small Wander Collection. Wander & try new dishes without the cost or waste! Perfect for when dabbling in Indian recipes, Middle Eastern recipes or Thai recipes!

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Simply Organic

Organic Ground Coriander

0.35 oz/0.7 tbsp


Simply Organic

Organic Ground Turmeric

0.53 oz/1.1 tbsp


Simply Organic

Organic Ground Cumin

0.46 oz/0.9 tbsp


Simply Organic

Organic Ground Cayenne Pepper

0.53 oz/1.1 tbsp


Simply Organic

Organic Ground Garam Masala

0.53 oz/1.1 tbsp


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Curious about how some of these spices look, smell and taste? Take a peek and see why the allure of these exotic earth-offerings inspired wanderlust traders & global empires!

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