How to Roast & Grind Spices

Using whole spices is easier than you think! Keep reading to learn how to roast and grind spices at home.

September 23, 2019
How to Roast & Grind Spices

Not all spices are created equal. While it might be convenient to purchase pre-ground spices at the grocery store, these spices can’t match the depth of flavor that you’ll get from using fresh ingredients. By roasting and grinding spices at home, you will be able to customize the ingredients of your spice blends and enjoy the taste of bolder, fresher spices. Best of all? Using whole spices is easier than you think! Keep reading to learn how to roast and grind spices at home.


Why Roast Your Spices?

If you are working with whole spices, it’s important to roast them before adding them to recipes. There are a few reasons to do this. Roasting the spices releases aromatics while gently toasting the seeds, leading to a nutty, fragrant flavor. Another important reason to roast spices is because the roasting process helps to remove moisture from the spices. This makes the grinding process quicker and easier.


How to Roast Spices

Dry roasting is the most common way to remove moisture and boost the flavor of your spices. The dry roasting process is simple. All you need to do is add your spices to dry skillet over medium heat and toss them until they are golden brown and fragrant. This quick, simple technique will make a world of difference in the flavor of your dishes. Just be careful not to overcook your spices. Remove the spices from your skillet as soon as they are fragrant and let them cool in a separate dish before you grind them.


Grinding Your Own Spices

If you want to maximize the flavors of your spices, grinding is just as important as roasting. Because the flavor of ground spices diminishes over time, grinding fresh spices before you cook ensures that you are always working with the freshest possible ingredients. Grinding your own spices can also be healthier than using store-bought varieties, as many of these products contain fillers or preservatives to keep the product fresh over time.


How to Grind Spices

There are several different ways to grind spices. Many people grind their spices by hand using a traditional mortar and pestle. Other people prefer using a spice grinder. Hand grinders like the type commonly used for black pepper are popular, as are electric versions that resemble coffee grinders. How you grind your spices is a matter of personal preference. We will explain the pros and cons of each method below.


Machines Vs Hand Grinding

Mortars and pestles have been used to grind spices for centuries and are still common in the kitchen. People who grind spices using mortars and pestles love the simple design of the tool and find it personally satisfying to work with their own spices by hand. However, this method can be time-consuming and will also result in a more coarse blend.

On the other hand, spice grinders are quick, convenient, and effective. If you need finely ground spices, a grinder is usually the best option. While some people find these devices cumbersome or difficult to clean, those who use a spice grinder love the results they get from the device.


How to Clean Your Spice Grinder

If you choose to use a spice grinder, you must keep the device clean. Fortunately, you only need to know a few basic techniques to keep your spice grinder clean and working well. Clean your grinder with a wet paper towel after each use. Grinding bread or rice in your spice grinder will remove residual spices left behind in your grinder. You can also blend white vinegar to remove any lingering smells.


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