Bombay Grilled Sandwich

The ultimate Mumbai street food! You'll love this if you're a fan of grilled sandwiches and panini's! A tangy spread of mint chutney, pinch of chaat masala, cheese and freshly cut veggies - grilled to perfection.
July 30, 2019
Serves 2 Total time:
15 Minutes



Make the mint chutney. Recipe here.


Slice the potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers. Sprinkle with salt.


Slather the bread with butter and follow with a layer of the mint chutney. Add slices of potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers, add the grated cheese and sprinkle with chaat masala.


Finish with another slice of bread and grill in either a preheated skillet or a sandwich toaster. It's ready to serve!

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