DIY Achar Masala

Achar (meaning pickle) is a common condiment in Indian cuisine and it's usually served with rice, curries, dals and breads. Achar masala is an aromatic blend of Indian spices used in the process of pickling various vegetables and fruits. It is spicy, tangy and very easy to make at home. This zesty blend of spices can also be used to flavor your favorite curries and stir fries!

January 27, 2020



Heat a pan and dry roast the mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, cumin seeds in low heat until the spices become fragrant and become slightly brown.


Once done, transfer the rest of the ingredients along with the roasted spices to a spice grinder / blender and grind it to a somewhat coarse powder. You can also do this using a mortar pestle.


Store this in an air tight container and use it to make pickles or add it to your favorite dals/ curries.

  • Kashmiri chilli is used to give the spice mix a bright red color and the chili's are less spicy compared to normal chilli powder. Substitute it with chilli powder of your choice, but reduce the amount as per your spice levels.
  • Make sure not to burn the spices while roasting them, else the whole spice mix will taste bitter.
  • Achar masala is usually slightly coarse in texture. If you do not like the taste of whole spices, grind them to a smooth powder.

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