Mango Lassi

Cool, creamy & deliciously juicy! Mango lassi is a yogurt based Indian milkshake with just a few wholesome ingredients. Such as mangoes, yogurt, milk & spices to garnish. Super easy & perfect for Summer!
June 04, 2019
Serves 2 Total time:
15 Minutes



Peel & dice the mangoes and blend with the rest of the ingredients in a blender, until creamy and smooth.


Sprinkle some cinnamon, lemon zest and ground cardamom for extra flavor!

Tip: If you are working with whole cardamom pods, process in a grinder or mortar and pestle.

  • Vegan Yoghurt and Plant based milk to make it vegan
  • Also, if vegan, sugar or maple syrup instead of honey
  • Substitute the yogurt with vanilla ice cream for a special occasion treat-milkshake style
  • Add a banana for an interesting, kid-friendly twist
  • Add pink grapefruit juice instead of milk for an elegant, grown up version.
  • Low fat dairy for a diet friendly option
  • For an alcoholic version add 1 shot of Grand Marnier or sweet liquor. Coconut flavored liquors would also go great.

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