Moroccan Roasted Potatoes

Calling all potato lovers! Fall has arrived and we are in love with these Moroccan inspired roasted potato wedges. Turmeric, cinnamon and cumin to name a few bold spices that give these wedges an irresistible flavor. We even paired them with our cool and creamy tzatziki for a spicy-cool combo.
September 08, 2019
Serves 6 Total time:
35 Minutes



Preheat the oven at 395 degrees Fahrenheit.


Peel and chop the potatoes vertically. Drizzle with the oil and the spices. Mix well.


Bake in the preheated oven for roughly 35 minutes until golden brown.


While the potatoes are baking, let's prepare a side of our cool and simple tzatziki dip. First, shred the cucumber and squeeze out the extra liquids, either between your palms or a dry paper towel. Then mince the garlic and mix it in with the yogurt, add oil and season with salt and pepper, to taste.


Remove the roasted potato wedges and serve warm with the tzatziki dip!

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