Muhammara Dip

Roasted red peppers, sweet & tart pomegranate molasses, spices and crunchy walnuts. Need we say more? This deliciously creamy-smooth Middle Eastern dip is super easy to make and is great as a snack and an appetizer. For the best flavor, we recommend you refrigerate it overnight. Serve it with pita chips or fresh veggies.
September 01, 2019
Serves 2 to 3 Total time:
30 Minutes



Preheat the oven’s grill to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.


Place the red peppers on a lined baking pan and poke a hole in each one. Roast under the hot grill for 10-15 minutes until tender and blackened, flipping half way through.


Take the pan out and allow the peppers to reach room temperature.


Place the roasted peppers with the molasses, breadcrumbs, walnuts, garlic, spices, lemon juice and olive oil in a blender or food processor and process to get a slightly chunky dip.


Serve with pita bread/tortillas/celery, carrot or cucumber sticks to dip in.

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