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Organic Coconut Milk

So Many Ways to Go Coconuts

A must-have ingredient for Thai curries but also various South-Indian dishes, like Ishtu Stew. It's also a healthier alternative to curries calling from heavy cream. Remember, coconut milk tastes slightly sweet, floral, and a little nutty, but it doesn’t taste like milk.

What is coconut milk? Coconut milk isn’t actually milk at all. It’s just the name for the liquid you get when you simmer together coconut flesh and water. The milk part of the name is a nod to its milky white color.

Learn more about coconut milk here.

Size: 13.66 Ounces (1.6 Cups)

Creator: Thai Kitchen

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Health Values:
Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan

What’s it made of?
Organic coconut, water, guar gum.

Stock up on coconut milk to make a range of goodies, from soups, curries to baked goodies! Try it in our tom kha gai soupred chicken curry and chicken satay.

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