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Ruby red beauties.

How mesmerizing is the color? These crimson semi-sweet beauts may come all the way from north-eastern Iran, but you’ll smell their fresh aroma before you even twist open the tin can. This saffron is hand-harvested, organically grown, and ready to spice up your saffron tea, rice, and desserts like kulfi.

Did you know saffron threads are the stigmas of the flower crocus sativus? The saffron flower is handpicked at dawn, then hand-trimmed to remove the threads from the flower. Pretty cool right? Learn more about saffron here.

Size: 2.0 Grams (0.16 Tablespoons)

Creator: Zaran | Family Owned, Hand Picked

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What’s it made of?
Saffron threads.

Oh so delicate but with so much bold flavor. Commonly used in Spanish paella and to garnish rice dishes, it’s also delicious in desserts, baked goods and beverages. Try saffron in our saffron tea, or garnishes on our kulfi ice-cream and spiced golden milk.

Zaran Saffron was founded in 2016. A father-son operated business whose philosophy is simple: to produce and present products that people who value quality can truly appreciate. The company’s goal is to identify and distribute the highest-grade saffron to individuals and suppliers around the world. Their saffron comes straight from the Khorasan region in North-eastern Iran where the elusive blend of soil, topography, and climate produces crocus fields unlike anywhere else. Their saffron is red in color with a vivid crimson stigma and a strong, fresh aroma!

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My favorite!

Found this beauty on Nomads Marketplace to make their saffron tea recipe, and I am so glad I did! I've bought saffron from groceries stories, but this brand is something else. You can smell the aroma before you even open the tin. The saffron is one of the best that I've had and the tea was delicious. I highly recommend!


Good Stuff!

I've been using saffron in desserts and dishes for years. Usually, i'll just steal some from my mom because buying saffron can get expensive. So when i received these saffron threads from Nomad I was excited and a little surprised; I wasn't expecting to get such a big amount. It smells great and when I've used it in dishes, I've really been able to tell how high quality it is. You really get the most bang for your buck here. Definitely recommend!


Smells & tastes of high quality

I have been using saffron for years in my Indian desserts. My daughter introduced me to this brand. You can tell it's of high quality because of how it looks, smells and tastes. I could smell the fresh flavor before I even opened the container. I only use this brand now. Highly recommended!