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Mild Tikka Masala Sauce
Mild Tikka Masala Sauce
Mild Tikka Masala Sauce

Mild Tikka Masala Sauce


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The perfect solution to create an easy & healthy curry meal on a busy weeknight. This widely loved North Indian curry sauce is a rich blend of tomato and warming spices. Just add your choice of meats and/or vegetables. Simmer with chicken for an authentic chicken tikka masala dish. Or let its bright citrus notes complement shrimp or paneer.

Values: Vegetarian, Gluten Free

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Maya Kaimal transforms the vibrancy of traditional Indian flavors into modern culinary experiences. Inspired by heirloom family recipes, every meal and sauce is thoughtfully crafted for flavorful gatherings around any table. Maya personally oversees the creation and curation of her collection, using only the highest quality ingredients to perfectly shape each and every one of our offerings.


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