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Ruby red beauties.

How mesmerizing is the color? These crimson semi-sweet beauts may come all the way from north-eastern Iran, but you’ll smell their fresh aroma before you even twist open the tin can. This saffron is hand-harvested, organically grown, and ready to spice up your saffron tea, rice, and desserts like kulfi. 

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    Ingredients: Saffron Threads


    About this brand

    Zaran Saffron was founded in 2016. A father-son operated business whose philosophy is simple: to produce and present products that people who value quality can truly appreciate. Our company’s goal is to identify and distribute the highest-grade saffron to individuals and suppliers around the world.

    Our saffron comes straight from the Khorasan region in North-eastern Iran where the elusive blend of soil, topography, and climate produces crocus fields unlike anywhere else. Our Saffron is red in color with a vivid Crimson stigma and a strong, fresh aroma!


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