Jansal Valley Non GMO

Ground Turmeric

The golden wonder spice.

We eat with our eyes, and turmeric certainly makes food prettier. This beautiful and vibrant yellow-orange spice gives dishes like butter chicken or spiced golden milk their signature mouth-watering color. All-natural and non-GMO, Jansal Valley’s take on turmeric keeps it pure and tasty.

Size: 2.45 Ounces (4.9 Tablespoons)

Creator: Jansal Valley

Order ships in 24-48 hours.

Health Values:
Gluten Free, Kosher, All Natural, Non-GMO, Vegan

What’s it made of?

So many uses and many ayurvedic health benefits. Delicious in our spiced golden milk, creamy Indian butter chicken and tasty Thai chicken satay’s.

The Wainer family created Jansal Valley to continue its 100+ year legacy of dedication to providing the highest quality specialty foods, passed down through its four generations. Jansal Valley will not be found on any map. It is a place deep in their hearts, named for their children: Jamie, Andrew, Sara & Allie. If it comes from Jansal Valley, it comes with the promise of quality that honors their names.

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