Amchur Powder

The secret is out.

Mango powder (also called amchoor or amchur) is essentially powdered dried unripe mangos, yum! It adds a lip smacking sour & citrusy notes to any dish. And, we’ll let you in on a little secret—it's often the secret ingredient in samosa fillings & pakoras!

Also known as mango powder. 

Size: 7.0 Ounces (14.0 Tablespoons)

Creator: Deep

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What is it made of?
Dry mango.

This tart mango powder can be used in so many delicious ways. Give it a try in our aloo samosas and our instant pot pav bhaji - it’s our secret ingredient! It’s also commonly used in chana chole and pakora mixes. We also love adding this tangy sensation to our fruit bowls and sprinkling it on vegetables like sliced cucumbers and tomatoes!

Deep Foods takes great pride in sourcing the best of ingredients to deliver high quality product. The pursuit for premium taste is only achieved when using the purest and finest spices in the world. So as it goes, they believe your recipes deserve the best ingredients too!

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