Whole Cumin Seeds

Fill up your spice jars.

A fresh scent and a hit of spice, smoke, and citrus on the palette. What more could you want from cumin? Cumin seeds taste great fried and added to lentils, samosas and onion pakora's. A pack this size is a stock-up essential for any fan of Indian food.

Did you know cumin has an excellent nutritional profile and is frequently touted as a superfood? It is rich in anti-oxidant phyto-chemicals, fiber and vitamins.

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Size: 7.0 Ounces (14.0 Tablespoons)

Creator: Laxmi

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What’s it made of?
Cumin seeds.

Allergy Advice:
Packed on a line that processes peanuts, tree nuts and wheat.

We love adding the smoky, spicy notes of cumin seeds to dishes likes onion pakora (fried fritters), crispy falafel, aloo gobi and aloo samosa’s! Ground cumin is also commonly used in stews and soups.

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