Global Feisty Set

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Turn up the heat.

Some people have a sweet tooth. Others have a “heat” tooth. Heat lovers, this is the set for you. We pulled together our favorite global ingredients that all have one thing in common: delicious and spicy, fiery flavor! From harissa sauce to cayenne pepper, these new pantry additions won't leave your food bland and boring.

This 5 item set includes:

We Love to Use It In


    Ingredients: Harissa Sauce (DRIED CHILI PEPPERS, OLIVE OIL, CUMIN, CORIANDER, GARLIC POWDER, PRESERVED LEMONS (POTASSIUM SORBATE & CITRIC ACID), MINT, CARAWAY SEED, TOMATO PASTE, VINEGAR, SALT AND WATER)*Made in facility that processes nut and wheat, Aleppo Pepper (Aleppo, Oil), Organic Cayenne Pepper (Organic Cayenne Pepper), Sambal Oelek (CHILI, SALT, DISTILLED VINEGAR, POTASSIUM SORBATE AND SODIUM BISULFATE AS PRESERVATIVES, XANTHAN GUM), Whole Red Chili Pepper (Whole Red Chili)*Made in facility that processes peanuts, treenuts and wheat.



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