Indian Pantry Sampler

Come test the waters.

Ready to give cooking your favorite Indian dishes a try without committing to large bottles of spices? Well, we’ve put together the pantry set for you! Five mini spice jars + two mini ghee packets + you = a successful dabble into creamy butter chicken and more!

Size: This bundled set includes seven items.

Pantry items included:
1 x Mini Organic Ground Turmeric by Simply Organic.
1 x Mini Organic Ground Coriander by Simply Organic.
1 x Mini Organic Ground Cayenne by Simply Organic.
1 x Mini Organic Ground Garam Masala by Simply Organic.
1 x Mini Organic Ground Cumin by Simply Organic.
2 x Mini Grassfed Ghee by Fourth & Heart.

Order ships in 24-48 hours.

What’s it made of? 
1 x Organic Ground Turmeric:
organic turmeric.
1 x Organic Ground Coriander: organic coriander.
1 x Organic Ground Cayenne: organic cayenne pepper.
1 x Organic Ground Garam Masala: organic garam masala.
1 x Organic Ground Cumin: organic cumin.
2 x Grassfed Ghee: clarified butter (milk).

These sample size spice & ghee starters are just enough to try our delicious dishes like chana chole, onion pakora (fried fritters) and baba ganoush. They are also a great travel size companion. If you love these new additions, come back and buy large bottles!

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