Pure Indian Foods Small Batch

Organic Cumin Seeds

Packed with flavor.

With spices, quality definitely matters. That’s why we love Pure Indian Food’s 100% organic whole cumin seeds. These small seeds add smoky, spicy, and citrusy notes to homemade pakora's, falafel, and so much more. Heating the cumin seeds in oil release the deep flavor of this staple spice found in every Indian & Middle Eastern pantry.

Did you know cumin has an excellent nutritional profile and is frequently touted as a superfood? It is rich in anti-oxidant phyto-chemicals, fiber and vitamins.

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Size: 1.9oz (3.8 Tablespoons)

Creator: Pure Indian Foods | Small Batch, Family Owned

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Health Values:

What’s it made of?
Organic whole cumin seeds.

We love adding the smoky, spicy notes of cumin seeds to dishes likes onion pakora (fried fritters), crispy falafel, aloo gobi and aloo samosa’s! Ground cumin is also commonly used in stews and soups.

Pure Indian Foods started as a pure ghee business in northern India in 1889. After 5 generations and 128 years in the business, the Agarwal family continues to build upon its proud heritage by focusing on quality and not on quantity. Their vision is to offer great tasting grass-fed organic ghee and other Indian pantry staples, at reasonable prices.