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Light, fluffy and pure gold.

When we’re in the mood for healthy eating, couscous is our go-to. And, with RiceSelect, we know exactly what we’re in for—a deliciously fluffy Moroccan-style pasta that’s non-GMO & organic. Sub it in for rice or create a refreshing bowl of our Tabouleh salad. 

Values: Non-GMO, Star K-Kosher

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Ingredients: unenriched durum semolina (wheat)


About this brand

All RiceSelect® products are made with the finest ingredients using exacting standards and rigorous attention to detail. Each product we develop provides a special quality, taste or texture, making it perfectly suited for a wide variety of recipe applications. Our organic products are certified by USDA-accredited agencies and are identity-preserved from seed to packaged product to ensure a truly superior Non-GMO Project Verified. RiceSelect® kosher products are carefully prepared to meet strict kosher guidelines.

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