Saffron Tea Recipe Set

Do wonders for your soul.

Ah..a good cup of warm tea can do wonders. Calming, uplifting, really the best way to unwind. We’ve thoughtfully sourced the key spices you need to create a relaxing cup of our Saffron tea. Semi-sweet, but 100% refreshing. Get our recipe here.

Size: This recipe set includes three items. 

Pantry items included:
1 x Organic Cinnamon Sticks (1.13oz) 
by Simply Organic.
1 x Premium Saffron Threads (2.0g) by Zaran.
1 x Organic Cardamom Pods (1.7oz) by Pure Indian Foods.

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What’s it made of?
1 x Organic Cinnamon Sticks (1.13oz, 2.3 Tbsp) : organic cinnamon sticks.

1 x Premium Saffron Threads (2.0g, 0.16 Tbsp) :  saffron threads.

1 x Organic Cardamom Pods (1.7oz, 3.4 Tbsp): organic cardamom pods.

Let’s get started with our famous saffron tea!

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