Frontier Co-Op Fair Trade

Whole Fennel Seeds

A touch of licorice.

Fragrant and distinctive, this fennel's slightly licorice taste is most often enjoyed with fish. But don't save it for just fish nights; try it's anise-like flavor in soups and salads, and in our delicious masala chai mix or in our aloo (potato) samosa's!

Size: 1.41 Ounces (2.8 Tablespoons)

Creator: Frontier Cooperative | Fair Trade

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Health Values:
Non-GMO, Non-ETO, Non-Irradiated, Kosher.

What’s it made of?
Fennel seeds.

Start out with our Indian masala chai and aloo samosa’s. They are mouthwatering delicious. Fennel seeds are also commonly used in baked goods like cookies, sauces and meat dishes.

Frontier Co-Op is a member-owned co-op, supporting natural living since 1976.  The company looks to growers who share their commitment to quality, sustainability and ethical trade.  Each year, Frontier Co-op gives back 4% of its pre-tax profits to causes and organizations around the world that inspire wellness in communities where their products are produced. You can feel good about the quality and superior flavors of Frontier Co-Op seasonings. 

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