Diaspora Women Led

Whole Red Chili

Whole fiery goodness.

Let's heat things up. This ground red chili pepper comes to us from Andhra Pradesh, India. Grown in accordance to the principles of zero budget natural farming (ZBNF) on the Narne family farm in the historic chili growing region of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Slightly more spicy than paprika, just shy of cayenne pepper hotness. 

Size: 2.29 Ounces (4.58 Tablespoons)

Creator: Diaspora | Women-LedSingle Origin

Origin: Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

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What’s it made of?
Red Chili Pepper.

This fresh ground red chili is perfect in our chicken tikka masalaaloo gobi and instant pot pav bhaji.

Diaspora Co. was founded by Sana Javeri Kadri in 2017 to create a radically new, and equitable vision of the spice trade. The brands purpose is powerfully articulated here as “We are a queer, woman-of-color owned business that moves forth in the spirit of social justice. We are here to put money, equity and power into the hands of Indian farmers, and to disrupt and decolonize an outdated commodity spice trading system.” The result, the improvement of livelihood of small farmers across India.

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