Zesty Ground Zaatar


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Amazingly tangy & aromatic flavor. Zahtar is a staple spice blend used in Middle Eastern cooking. Great substitute for salt.

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Ingredients: Thyme, Sumac, Sesame Seeds


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Zamouri Spices was founded in 2003 by Majid and Mary Elbertai. For generations, Majid's family has been spice merchants in Morocco. Taking this rich, vast history and knowledge of spices, Majid founded Zamouri Spices using traditional spice blend recipes from North Africa and around the world. Rather than make large commercial batches, they still believe in small, hand-made gourmet batches. This allows the consumer to receive spices that are still full of life. Each bottle is filled and labeled by hand. We aren't just selling spices and seasonings, we are sharing the true Moroccan experience of this vast and varied region.   


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