Zesty Spice Trio

Only the zest for you.

Tangy. Citrusy. Spicy. Sour. You know what zesty tastes like. When lemon juice or zest just won’t do, add a dash of sumac, a pinch of zahtar, or a shake of chaat masala to your salads, marinades, and roasted veggies.

Size: This set includes three items.

Pantry items included:
1 x Single Source Cured Sumac (2.3oz) by Burlap & Barrel.
1 x Zahtar Spice Blend (2.4oz) by Jansal Valley.
1 x Chunky Chaat Masala (3.5oz) by MDH.

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What’s it made of?
1 x Single Source Cured Sumac (2.3oz, 4.6 Tbsp) : Sumac berries (rhus coriaria), salt.

1 x Zahtar Spice Blend (2.4oz, 4.0 Tbsp) : Ground Sumac, Spices, Sesame Seed, Salt, Canola Oil. Gluten Free, Kosher, All Natural, Non-GMO, Vegan.

1 x Chunky Chaat Masala (3.5oz, 7.0 Tbsp) : Salt white, dehydrated unripe mango, salt black, cumin powder, coriander, musk melon, black pepper, mint leaves, dried ginger, yellow chili, bishop weed, cloves, nutmeg, asafoetida, caraway.

Allergy Advice:
1 x Chunky Chaat Masala (3.5oz, 7.0 Tbsp) : May contain mustard.

This set includes all the zesty essentials you need to create our fattoush salad, za’atar french fries and Bombay grilled sandwich.

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